Cherry Blossom in Wuhan China

While many of my friends are rushing to Japan for cherry blossom and some even go all the way to Washington DC, not too many people know one of top three places in the world to see sakura is actually in Wuhan, China.

Because of a business trip booked months ago, I happened to be in Wuhan March 28-30, 2017.  Wuhan has a local app on WeChat that allow visitors to book entry to Wuhan University and it is free of charge.  Anyone can book up to 3 tickets 3 days in advance.  It is a little challenging to book if you are not Chinese with local phone number and ID.  But friends are everywhere, ticket booked (just a QR code) and here I go.

it was a beautiful morning though there was slight pollution problem and the sky was a bit grey and not completely blue.  I took the taxi from the hotel and remember to ask to be dropped off at Main door or West door.  Then, “follow the crowd” and all the beautiful sakura awaits.  The more attractive thing for me was how sakura was blended with the classic old architecture of the university campus buildings.  Just a different experience from Japan or US.

It took me around 2 hours to walk through the loop with hundreds of people, took many nice pictures of the cherry blossom and a few selfies.  And lucky enough, I found a taxi when I left.  Side note: Uber not operating in Wuhan now, what a pain!

When it is unplanned, I happen to see the most beautiful sakura.


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