My first Hermes Birkin

Disclaimer: not bragging but want to share how I finally get this hard-to-get bag, the dream bag of many women, Hermes Birkin

First, you need to be in Paris.  Saturday is not a good day as no shipment I was told, Sunday it is closed.  I got mine on Monday.

The only store to stand a chance to get this bag right away is the flagship store in Saint-Honoré.  It is opened at 10:30am but when I got there at around 9:15am, there were 2 lines, each line with at least 20 people ahead of me.  I was the last few to be able to get a bag appointment.  I am cutting it close so if you really want it, please go there before 9am.  Though I was told by some other ladies in the line that they were in the line before 9am and still did not get the bag appointment the other day.  Luck factor here applies.

Okay, so after more than an hour wait, the doors opened.  The two queues merged to one and I do not know exactly which line is better to queue up for.  My rule of thumb is I picked the slightly shorter queue upon my arrival.

Then, I was asked to provide my passport and phone number to make the bag appointment.  International phone number is okay.  They will send you a SMS to let you know the appointment time.  I got my slot at 6pm.  Told you I was the last few.

Now, I do not know if it matters or not.  But I returned much earlier than 6pm and see if they got an earlier spot as I was told they pretty much do not have a lot of stock at the end of the day.  So, I got there at 4pm and “sit & wait”.

I finally got to see my sales advisor at around 5:15pm.  She is a very nice French lady and she asked me my preferences and what I want to get.  Here, you believe or not, I think it is like an interview to see how much you know about the brand, how much you love the brand and then they will decide if they will offer you a Birkin or Kelly or not.

When I went to the cashier and told him in excitement that I do not know why I spent so much money but I am so happy, he said calmly it is very common here, enjoy!

Luck, luck, luck – I got my first Hermes Birkin and I love it so much!


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