The Four Falls in Hong Kong


Today is a public holiday in Hong Kong. It is a sunny day but not too hot, about 22 degree celsius, perfect for hiking.

We have a quick lunch at Tai Po Market then take taxi to Ng Tung Chai Village, our starting point. Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls (梧桐寨瀑布群) is famous as it comprises of the bottom fall, middle fall, main fall & scatter fall. Each fall is different and has its own characteristics.

The hiking path to see all four falls was only around 5K (it is a loop and both starting & ending point is the same) but it took us about 3 hours including taking photos. It was a going up route from bottom to middle to main falls. Some steps were steeper than normal. It also required some climbing from main fall to scatter fall but can be managed. And the motivation was you need to see all four falls in one go so go for it.

For those who thought Hong Kong is a concrete jungle, think again!

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