My first Regatta 2017

IMG_3104Although I got the skipper licence from SailQuest in 2013, I know I am nowhere close to sail on my own and I could not imagine I can join a Regatta in the IRC yacht racing.  But I did and it was such a fun & memorable experience.

I arrived Ocean Marina Yacht Club on May 3, met up with Captain Tim & my team on May 4.  Captain Tim assigned the position for each crew member and I was assigned the “piano man” position.  Why? Look at these lines.

We went on the water afterwards as this was the first time many of us ever got on a x-99 so we need to quickly learn how it worked.  Then, we came back for the opening ceremony which I met a lot of interesting people and had a great time.

The next day (May 5), we had the practice race.  Being someone never raced before, everything was so new and exciting.  How to timed to get to the starting point for a good start, which race course to run and which path to take, what our competitors were doing and what we should do, it was a big learning curve for me.

Then, the 3-day race began May 6-8.  We started off at 9:30am each morning, sailing out to the starting point to prepare the first race around 11:00am.  Based on the wind situation, the races can be delayed (no wind, hard to sail).  Usually there were 2 races each day.  We only knew the course right before the starting time.  For the shorter one (they called a “sausage”), it took us an hour or so.  For the longer passage race, it can be around 3 hours.


As you can tell by now, our team was not the Go-for-the-medal type.  In fact, our competitors had their crew together for many years and they “do not make mistakes”.  Our goal was to start and finish each and single races and we did!  Thank you Captain Tim @ SailQuest Asia.  If it is not him, I could never have this Regatta racing experience.

When all the races were over, we had the Gala dinner evening on May 8.  Another great fun evening as we were laughing and chatting (and drinking) with our team and the other yacht racing crew.

Many thanks to my team: Andy, Brandon, John, Otto & Captain Tim.  We had already marked in our calendar and committed to do it together in 2018!

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