Four brave souls paragliding in Taiwan


Four girls having a fun 3D2N weekend trip in Taiwan.  One of the highlight is doing paragliding together.

We rented a car with driver and arrived the site around 11:00 am.  We were lucky as  they had not been operating for the past few days due to no wind.  But the day we went, the wind started coming back and they were in operation.

We registered and there were people waiting already.  We waited for about 15 minutes then we “suit up” and waited in line for our turn.

To get started, we had to run down the hill to swing off.  There were some unsucessful cases before us so some getting nervious.  But even not successful in the first time, it was like a re-run and everyone took off either in the first and second try.

Luckily for our team, everyone took off in the first shot.  Then, after the run and both feet off the ground, it was a relaxing and wonderful journey.  Depending on the flow of wind, we flied through mountain side and off and above a beautiful sand beach.  We were given a GoPro (video-recording device) and we recorded the entire journey ourselves and got the SD card back at the end of paragliding.

It was not scary at all and it is truly enjoyable.  Disclaimer though I had tried sky diving before but this is quite a different experience as we may go up and down paragliding and not the free-fall epxerience from sky diving.

Ten minutes went by quickly and the four of us met back on the beach, laughing and enjoying our memorable experience together.


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