L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon experience

Join me for the three-star Michelin gastronomical experience in Hong Kong!


Let’s take a look at the Discovery degustation menu first.

Before anything, we love the bread basket.  But don’t eat too much or you will regret later 😂


The amuse-bouche were just awesome.  The presentation just made you felt “wow” from the beginning.

Then, the Discovery journey began.

I personally like the scallop and the lobster.  For beef, the A3 Wagyu was good enough as we tried A5 before and found it too fatty for our taste.  Now, it was about 3hours into this gastronomical experience.

Then, desert time.  Of course, it was a birthday celebration dinner and not our everyday meal.  Servers brought the desert with the candle and the HBD message and even took a photo for us and gave us back a birthday card after the meal.


The final touch i.e. coffee and petit fours wrapped up this celebration dinner nicely.

We really like the food, decor and service here.  Well deserved Michelin 3-star!  Perfect for special occasions.

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