Japanese Ryokans Stay in Kagoshima

We took a short break 4 days 3 nights in Kagoshima and stayed at three different ryokans, two with private onsen bath in room.  I love to stay at ryokans and now got addicted to the authentic experiences.

The first ryokan we stayed was 花の温泉ホテル 吟松 Hana-no-onsen-hotel GINSYOU in Ibusuki.  We booked an extra western bedroom with private ocean-front onsen.  This should be one of its higher room categories but I really want to relax in the onsen bath during sunset.  And of course, the sunrise onsen bath did not disappoint either.

Other than onsen, the other important experience is the full course Japanese dinner. Normally the “routine” was onsen bath, changed to yukata outfit then ready for the hours-long fine dinner.

Next, we moved to 白水館 Hakusuikan in Ibusuki.  We moved because this ryokan has the famous sand bath facility in-house.  “Sunamushi Onsen” or sand bath, which is rarely seen throughout the world is very special here in Kagoshima.  We booked an ocean-front Japanese room and slept on tatami.

The sand bath is really one-of-a-kind experience but sorry, no photo taken was allowed in the area thus cannot show.  After the sand bath, we enjoyed the dinner at the restaurant.


Last but not least, we booked Yakakutei (野鶴亭) in Kirishima (霧島).  This is a boutique villa-type ryokan with private onsen in mountain setting. It was very traditional Japanese house and I love the private onsen.


Have to say again, very very nice onsen.  The villa-type ryokan was very pretty too.

And here came our dinner, which was served privately in our ryokan.  The overall experience was awesome… this is why this ryokan was featured in a Japanese magazine.

We just love Japan.  See you again soon!

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