Art discovery at Saint-Paul-de-Vence

This place is what I have in mind as beautiful village in South of France.  I could really spend a day here.  Art is in the air!

It is early November and weather was still very nice at around 18 degree celsius during the day.  Saw the directory, seemed easy enough to get around and I began to stroll around to explore this oldest medieval town on the French Riviera.


There were many boutique art galleries in the village and there were artpieces in the open air too.


It was just so nice to walk through the alleys,  spotting maple leaves on the building or found a nice fountain or even discovering art from a mailbox.


And the fun was to spot something I like and checked out the price tag.  And no special “advertisment”, I subtly found a Pablo Picasso piece!


I did not ask for the price as if this is real (which I believe it is), I am really out of the league to even ask the price.  If the price was not outrageous, I am also not the expert to know its authenticity.  So, I just feel “proud” that I can spot this piece.

Not having this kind of budget, I still look for affordable art piece from local artists to support them.  I found this from Michel Degav Gallery and I love it.  Costed EUR39 with artist signature, I am bringing this home!



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