48 hours in Xi’an



Have to admit, Xi’an is equivalent to Terracotta Warriors in many people’s mind.  Of course, this is a must-visit here.  But before we headed to the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, we made our first stop at the Terracotta Warriors workshop and learnt how these were made first.  It was a small commercial workshop and it was about 10 minutes from the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang.


Okay, now the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang.  It was mind blowing to see thousands of Terracotta Warriors first hand.  Each one was real person size and the appearance based on a real person at that time.  “Night at the Museum” was what’s in my mind during my whole visit here.



Since it was winter time, I was told the place was considered “not busy” already.  We managed to see everything in two hours or so.  Then, about 20 minutes car ride, we went to a TripAdvisor highly rated restaurant for lunch.  Sorry, I am not impressed.

531FC8C2-ED64-4DBE-852A-C23EF9F99EC6The restaurant, Zhenai Lishan Daqin Xiaoyan Restaurant, was a themed restaurant that servers were dressed up like old Qin dynasty time and we were also provided costumes to dress up to take photos.  Okay, it was fun to take a photo or two but that’s pretty much it.  They only had set menus and we ordered one at RMB188 (USD28)  and another one at RMB288 (USD44).  The tea costed another RMB88 (USD13).  The fish I had was full of bones and there was nothing special about the food.  The service was poor.  One of the spoons was cracked and broke up during use and they put it on the bill and wanted to charge us.  And this was not a cheap meal and they cannot accept overseas credit card and demanded cash.  Anyway, unless you wish to take a photo with costume, otherwise, it’s not worth the money to dine here.

Next, instead of going to the usual Shaanxi History Museum, due to my love of art, I chose to go to Tang Bo Art Museum.  It was a private art museum and here we learnt about Chinese art and paintings.  We also learnt Chinese calligraphy as part of the art tour.



In the evening, we went to have street food and the local “Bian Bian” noodles for dinner at the Muslim Quarter.



On the second day,  my highlight was to ride a bike at the City Wall of Xi’an.



It was a bit cold in Xi’an in December but our trip was so enjoyable.  Blessed we had good weather these two days.


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