A taste of Croatia

After a business trip in Berlin, I flown to Croatia for a long weekend before I started my meetings in London.  It was a short 1.5 hours flight from Berlin to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.  Though Croatia is part of EU already, it is still using its own currency.  The currency rate at the airport was not the best so suggested not to change too much.  Can easily change at the city centre later.  And I took the metered taxi to my hotel in city centre and it was around USD40.  Learnt later Uber is the best option.

It was March and low season for independent travelers.  I was spending the afternoon in Zagreb starting with Dolac Market.


From Dolac Market, I can easily walk to Ban Josip Jelacic statue and the Cathedral.  Then, I walked around to try strukli – an authentic Croatia food (baked filo dough and cheese).


After this, I took the shortest Funicular Railway to go uptown to see St. Mark’s church.


This pretty much summed up my afternoon in Zagreb.  The next morning I booked a private car with driver from Zagreb to Split (400KM+) with a stop at UNESCO Plitvice Lakes.  It was real beauty but most of the walking trails were not approachable as it was snowing just a few days ago.  I only managed to get the canyon view but it was breathtaking already.


Then, we stopped at Trogir, a small but very nice town about 30 minutes from Split for a sumptuous seafood late lunch.  Here I tried a Croatian beer and a special desert rozata (Croatian custard pudding).


Next morning, I quickly went over to Diocletian’s Palace, Bell Tower & The Cathedral before another 230KM+ drive from Split to Dubrovnik, stopping at Klis Fortress for my Game of thrones photo collection.


Next, we stopped at Ston, which is famous for salt and oysters and had a lunch break.  It was very windy so I had not tried to walk up the Ston wall but you can see it from the photo background.


After a nice stay and a nice dinner, the next morning, I joined a Game of thrones walking tour in Dubrovnik.  Dubrovnik is the main filming location.  So excited I was at King’s Landing (Game of thrones).  Also spotted some shots for Star Wars and Robin Hood.


It was a short trip which the most famous islands were not explored and this was only a taste of Croatia.  Will be nice to come back to go to the Blue Cave and do some sailings here.  Something to look forward to.

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