I’m in heaven (heavenly Maldives)

Although I personally never believe Maldives will “disappear” in 50 years, I do agree Maldives is a place one should go at least once in a life time.

Since we took flight arriving around 10pm, we had decided to opt out those hotels who need sea planes to travel to.  After a 35-minutes speed boat journey, we arrived our heavenly resort.  And we still opted to stay at sunset over-the-water villa to fully enjoy.

So, what do we do?  The “normal”.

First, we went sunset fishing.  I am sure there were many fishes and we just did not have the technique.  Still we caught 3 small fishes which we brought back and the resort cooked them for our lunch the next day.

Then, we went turtle snorkeling.  Actually the hotel team led us to spot 4 turtles altogether and it was a nice calm easy snorkel here.

During “down time”, we enjoyed spa, nice drinks and meals, evening parties.

And we got the glass kayak and kayaked to “our” private island.

Only 4 full days here but fully enjoyed.  We will be back!


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